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We do <span>more</span> than deliver
We do more than deliver

At Express Freight Logistics, we have been in business since 2018, providing quality transportation solutions across the US & Canada. Thanks to our experience in the transport industry, we constantly strive to provide timely services with the support of qualified professionals who know how to do the job. Our drivers know exactly what is expected of them and ensure we live up to our reputation.

Expedited & Hotshot Services

If you need fast and reliable expedited freight services, choose Express Freight Logistics.
Take advantage of our wide range of urgent and direct cargo solutions that serve almost every industry in the US and Canada with maximum speed, efficiency and safety.

Courier, White glove
& Hand-Carry Services

We offer three other services that most traditional freight companies do not provide as a full-service provider. The first is the courier option, which ensures that your parcels are picked up and delivered by courier speed and accuracy.



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